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Plesk module: please use Plesk Service Plans !


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    Abuse automation

    Dear Jan,

    Cool to see you are the first one using our brand new Community support! :-)

    I will summaries the issues you reporting below and the actions we need to take:

    Plesk language
    This is good one! I have created a feature request in our internal bug tracker system (PP-683).

    Plesk service plans
    To give our customers a scalable solutions (this is very important in large hosting companies) you need use the PowerPanel hosting plans.

    We are not going to support Plesk service plans. Because this is not scalable. If you have a few servers I understand this is cool to use, if you have a couple of hundreds it is very annoying to go over all the servers to maintain the plans. So you need to let PowerPanel control your plans. This way PowerPanel keeps control of all your hosting servers. I agree there are missing parts in our Plesk plugin. The most of them we can add very easily if our customers ask. Otherwise we need to investigate and make a plan to add support for this.

    Please let us know what features are not supported right now you need, so we can investigate if we can add support for this in PowerPanel.


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