PowerPanel can connect with OpenProvider SSL to manage your SSL certificates and to provision new certificates to your servers.

In the dashboard click on SSL certificates to see your SSL dashboard.
SSL dashboard

In your dashboard you will see some information about your current certificates.
On top of the dashboard you see three tabs with some options behind them.

SSL Tools

In the SSL tools tab you have 2 tools available to use.

Check the security of a website, and decode CSR key.

SSL tools

Order new SSL

In this tab you can order a new SSL certificate which can be installed on your server automatically.

Order SSL

On this dashboard you see a few options. With the first step the process is fully automated, with the other options you will have to do the installation yourself.

Follow the steps after the options to request and install a new SSL certificate.

SSL settings

We have made a few options available in the settings menu. Go to System -> Settings -> SSL settings to view them.
Here you can enable the SSL promotion on websites. It will look like this for your customers.

SSL detail view

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