Within PowerPanel you can give your customers the option to have credit in their account which they can use to pay for services.
To start offering this service to your customers you will have to enable the prepaid option first. Go to System -> Settings -> Invoice settings and scroll down a bit to look for the prepaid settings.

Pre paid options disabled

After you have enabled the module the rest of the settings that are available for the prepaid module will appear:

prepaid settings enabled

Here you can set the minimal amount that your customers have to pay to upgrade their funds in their account. You can also set the description line for the invoice that will be generated, if you set this line the default line (which is multilingual) will be overwritten. The last option is the product group on which you want to have it booked in your accounting software.

Customer view

Your customer will get a new field on his homedashboard which will give your customer a few options.
Customer prepaid dashboard

In the settings your customer can manage his prepaid settings.
Prepaid customer settings


If you have any questions feel free to get in touch.



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