With the PowerPanel mail forwarder plugin you can let your customers forward their mail to another email address.
We also have a free domain forwarder available which you can read more about in the next article.

PowerPanel domain forwarder

To enable the mail forwarding plugin go to the plugin marketplace and search for the PowerPanel E-mail Forward service.
PowerPanel email forward

After you have enabled the plugin you are ready to let your customers start using the plugin.

Customer view

After you have set all the forwarder settings your customers can easily create their forwarding by going to a domain which has no hosting package or forwarding active. They will see the green button “Request forwarder”.

Request forwarder customer view

When they click on the button the next screen will appear where your customers can enable the forwarding services and enter all the settings.
Forwarding settings customer view

When your customer has entered all the details the save button will be clickable. When your customer agrees with the settings and saves them the system will create all the forwarders including the needed subscriptions.
If your customer wants to change one of the settings of the forwarder he can go to Hosting -> My forwarder and select the forwarder he wants to change.
Edit forwarder screen

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

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