In this manual you will find a guide about how you can enable the DNSSec option through an API. This example is specifically made to use with PowerPanel.
First you will need to get the script fromĀ 

On the MASTER nameserver (Where dnssec commands are available and run) you will need to follow the next few steps.

– Install php5+/Php7
– install webservice (Apache/Nginx)
– Edit + Upload the php script (Top lines)
– insert the following line in sudoers (line 35 in the example)
– Secure your system with firewalls (set port 80 open only for our API:
– In PowerPanel you need to (re-)enable the PowerDns plugin. It will automatically detect the Dnssec script on the MASTER Dns port 8082
After this you can enable the DNSSec from PowerPanel.

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