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You can import your domain names that are registered at OpenProvider into PowerPanel.
To do this follow the next steps:

First you have to enable the OpenProvider API.
Go to the plugin marketplace and install OpenProvider domains plugin. After you have installed the plugin go to the plugin settings and fill in your API settings from OpenProvider.

OpenProvider API settings

To get your password hash from Openprovider go to Account -> Contact persons and select a contact person that you want to use for PowerPanel.
There you will find the Password hash and you can set the white list for the PowerPanel connection.

If you have done this and enabled the plugin, PowerPanel will retrieve the domain prices and all your domains from your OpenProvider account.

After you have done this you will have to connect the accounts to customers within PowerPanel. To do this go to Domain names -> Domain import
Domain import

Next you click one or more domainnames you want to connect to a customer. You can choose to use the customer suggested by PowerPanel or look for one yourself.

Connect screen OpenProvider

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