With the Openprovider DNS plugin you can manage the DNS from within PowerPanel.
To start using the plugin you will have to install it first on your PowerPanel account.
Go to Settings -> Plugins and look for the plugin. Install it and fill in your credentials.

OpenProvider DNS

To get your password hash from Openprovider go to Account -> Contact persons and select a contact person that you want to use for PowerPanel.
There you will find the Password hash and you can set the white list for the PowerPanel connection.

After you have filled in your credentials you can enable the plugin and you are good to go! Simply go to a domain that has been connected to a customer, scroll down to the DNS zone and open it.
You can add, delete or edit DNS records in PowerPanel:
OpenProvider DNS

PowerPanel provides the possibillity to create DNS templates that you and your customers can apply with just a few clicks.

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