There are a number of reasons a domain can have an error stat in PowerPanel. We have supplied some tooling to find out whats wrong with a domainname and to solve the status.

First go to your domain dashboard by clicking on Domain Names in the controlpanel.
Domain dashboard

Here you can see an overview of the different states of the domainnames currently in your panel. If you click on one of the large buttons you get a view with the domainnames that have this status.
If you click on a domain name some options will be visible based on the current status of a domain.
For extra options you can click on the admin menu in the top right of a domainname.
Domain admin menu

In this menu you can set a few options.
– Activate customer action, set a note that is visible for your customer.
– Activate followup, this domain will reappear in your view at the date that you have set.
– Add note, this note is visible for all the people in your account.
– Perform actions on the state of a domain.

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