In PowerPanel you can manage the domain prices for each of the domain tld’s that are supported.
After you have connected with a domain registrar the available tld’s will be retrieved from your registrar. Read here how to connect with OpenProvider. Go to Sale -> Plans & Pricing -> Domain pricing to view your list. (Note, it could take a few minutes after you have connected with OpenProvider to see all you tld’s because it is a long list.)
Price list


We have divided the price list in several tabs which you can see on the top of the view. Each tab is for a different action that is available for domain tld’s:

  • Create
  • Transfer
  • Renew
  • Restore
  • Trade

To activate a domain tld you will have to go to the tab ‘Navigate domains’ first. Here you can manage the state for each extension. domain activation

As you can see in the screenshot you can manage the status for each domain extension, so here you can choose if you want to support a certain extension. You can choose if you want to give out an authorization code and if it is possible to restore a domain from the domain worklist.

After you have activated the domain tld, you can manage each of the named actions. For example, if you want to enable domain creation for the .com extension, go to the tab Domain create and search for com.

domain creation

In the screenshot you can see the domain tld. By enabling the status the extension is available in your webshop. On the left you will see your purchase price and the currency for the purchase price. For your retailprice you can set an action, if for example you want to add 10% to your purchase price simply set the action to +% and the multiplier at 10. Now you retailprice is the purchase price + 10%. The available actions are +%, x and manual.

If you have a discount price for a domain extension for a certain period then you can enable the discount switch for the tld. This will make sure that customers that already get a discount for their domain prices will pay the action price that you have set.

You set the .com with a special discount at €5 . One of your customers recieves a 50% discount on his domainprices. You don’t want him to recieve this discount on your action price otherwise he would pay €2,50 or the .com. If you enable the switch his discount will be ignored and he will pay €5 for the domainname.


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