After you have created your account and filled in the basic details it is time to set up the rest of your PowerPanel environment so that your customers can start using it.

Set up your branding

You can set up PowerPanel with your own branding, read the following guides to help you set up the controlpanel and webshop branding.

PowerPanel white label and branding

Configuring your Webshop


PowerPanel system messages

Invoice settings

In this guide we will help you setup your invoice settings for PowerPanel.

PowerPanel invoice settings

Importing customers

Make sure that you import your customers into PowerPanel, in this guide you will find an example for an excel sheet which you can use to import your customers into PowerPanel.

Import your customers with an excel sheet

Importing domainnames

Connect your OpenProvider account to import all your domainnames

OpenProvider domain import

Setting up domain prices

Manage domainprices

Connecting your server to PowerPanel

Add your Plesk server to PowerPanel

Setting up a hosting package

Create a hosting package


Create a hosting addon

Importing current hosting packages from your server

Import your current hosting packages from your server

Setting up your SSL settings

SSL management

Setting up your discounts


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