Your PowerPanel license will grow with you. The size of the license is based on the number of subscriptions you have in your account. For more information about your PowerPanel license and pricing you can check our website.

To view and manage your license within PowerPanel click on your name in the left menu and go to the license page.

License menu


Here you will see your license and how long the license is still valid.
You can turn the automatic renewal of the license on or off. To change the license click on the button change in the bottom right corner.

If your license is almost or completely expired you will see the following message. You will only be able to go to the license screen.

If your license is expired your customers will have 10 days to use your control panel. After those days their access to the system is also denied. During those 10 days they will get a warning that the license of their supplier is coming to an end and they can contact you to notify you about this.

In the screen that pops up you can choose your license and the period for the license. You can also choose to auto-renew it.

If you have set this you will automatically get an invoice in your email from us.



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