In PowerPanel you can give your customers a discount on their domainnames, hosting and more.

To create a discount go to Sale -> Sales discount and click on add. A new screen will pop up.

Sales discount

Within PowerPanel you can set variable and set discount for your customers, the default setting is variable. If you create a new discountrule you will have to fill in a quantity, this quantity is for the variable discount. For example: you create a discountrule for domain registration with the quantity at 10 and a discount percentage of 10%, each customer with variable discount and 10 domains or more will now recieve a 10% discount on the next domain he orders. You can create multiple rules in the same category to build different levels of discount. You can check the customer view for his current discount. Go to your customer by going to Account management -> My customers -> Customer and scroll down.

Discount customer view

In the screenshot you can see that this customer recieves 0% discount on his domain registration because he has not reached the right quantity yet.

If you want to give you customer a set discount you can create a rule with a very high quantity, after this go to the customer and look for his discount. You as an admin can set his discount by clicking on it, all the discount rules will be selectable.

Customer discount view 2

Select one of the percentages and your customer will recieve that discount on his next invoice.


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