In PowerPanel we have created a tool to do your credit management. It is not a default tool in your license, so you will have to activate it manually. To do this go to your license settings and activate the module.


Once the module is enabled you can go to Invoices -> Credit Management and see the dashboard

Credit management dashboard


In the settings tab you can manage the days after which an action needs to be made. These actions will be done on the days you set yourself. The days you set are the number of days after an invoice will get the status overdue. You can manage the due date in the debtor settings.

Credit management settings

In the settings you can also set the default reminder letter and the default collection agency letter. If you want to print out your reminder letters they will get the layout you have set up.



Management screen credit management

In this screen you can manage the customers who need attention. If a customer has for example an overdue invoice he will appear in this list.
On the right side of the screen you will see the customer details along with the debtor workflow actions.

In the workflow actions you can set a note for yourself that your customer cannot see.
If the customer has to do an action you can enable the switch and choose of one of your predefined actions (or create a new action).The customer will see this action at his details with a red bar.
You can also enable a followup for yourself, if you do this and set a date, the customer will disappear from the list. On the day you set the customer will appear in this list again.

If you scroll down you will see the notes you have set, if they are orange, nothing has yet been done with this note. You can click on the cross to ‘close’ this action and set it to done.
Further down you will see the unpaid invoices for this customer.

Manage credit management


Invoices by mail

In this view you will see all the invoices that need to be sent by mail. You can click the print invoices button to get a PDF with all the invoices in one batch.


Reminder letter

In this view you will see all the invoices reminders that need to be sent by mail. You can click the Print Letters button to get a PDF with all the invoices which you print out at once.

Overdue invoices

In this view you will see all the overdue invoices. You can click on an invoice to see the details and sent a reminder by hand.

Invoices for collection agency

If an invoice has not been paid by your customer you can set that invoice needs to go to a collection agency. The invoices that got this status will appear in this view.



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