Sometimes you want to create a credit invoice for a customer because something went wrong with an invoice or a customer doesn’t want a certain service anymore.

Start by going to the specific customer in PowerPanel and then navigate to the customer invoices menu.
Customer menu

Here you can create a new invoice for the customer by clicking on the “Add” button.
If you set the amount of the invoice you are creating to a negative amount, the system will automatically recognise the invoice as a credit invoice.
Send invoice screen

After creating the invoice you can choose if you want to send the invoice directly to your customer, or if you want to add it to the proforma invoice.
You can also create the invoice without sending it to your customer by disabling the checkbox.

After you have created the credit invoice you are able to match the credit to an open invoice.
Go to the invoice you want to match with your credit invoice and click on process payment. The next screen will pop up:
Match invoice screen

Select the “Reconsile with another invoice” checkbox to match the invoice to the credit notice. This will open up another part of the screen:
Match screen invoice 2

Here you can choose the open credit invoices which you can choose.
Make sure to enter the right amount in the payment information. For this example the payment information should be -12 because of amount that the customer will pay through his credit invoice.
Payment information

After you have entered the right amount you can click on save. Both the credit invoice and the initial invoice will be set to the right status, in this example both will be paid and closed after this action.


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