If you have enabled the prepaid module for your customers, your customers can use the auto-renew option in PowerPanel. You can read here how to enable the prepaid module:


Your customers can choose the default setting for the auto-renew in their prepaid settings. For each subscription your customer can overwrite his default setting so that he can terminate a subscription.

When you enable the prepaid module your customer can receive a number of e-mails about his services and subscriptions:
-If the default setting or the subscription setting for automatic renew is switched off, a customer will receive an e-mail if his subscription is about to expire.
-Each month a customer will receive an overview with all the transactions from the past month.
-If the autorenew for a subscription has been turned on, the customer will receive a notification a few days ahead that the subscription will be renewed. The number of days is manageable by the customer.
-Each year in january your customer will receive an overview with all the transactions.

At the debtor settings you can set the number of days that the system will renew the subscriptions before the subscription will expire. You can also manage the hour of the day that you want the system to renew the subscriptions.
It is also possible to set the number of days and the hour of the day that a notification will be sent about the renewal.

Debtor renewal settings


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